If you are interested in working with me, you may also be interested in the following links and influences.

These are people and organisations who I’ve worked with and been guided and inspired by.

Humanistic psychotherapy
I learned all about humanistic psychotherapy and being an honest, vulnerable and available human, at Spectrum Spectrumtherapy.co.uk.

Working somatically
I learned about working somatically at Spectrum, but they learned it from Stanley Keleman and his philosophy and methodology, Formative Psychology Centerpress.com.

Integral Life
I have read lots and lots but not all (!) that Ken Wilber has written, and I have listened to hundreds of amazing conversations at Integral Life Integrallife.com. I attended Integral Spiritual Experience in 2010, which has now morphed into the Integral Living Room integrallivingroom.com.

Terry Patten helped me briefly but importantly at a particular crossroad terrypatten.com.
I love his audio series Beyond Awakening.

Mondo Zen and Integral Zen
Through Integral Life, I met Junpo Denis Kelly Roshi and Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi, two of the finest Zen trouble makers. I learned from them that awareness is, in itself, a perspective that can be attuned to, which brings profound relief and stillness. You might call it the perspective within which the entire world of form arises. From here it’s easy to see the valiant nature of our storytelling minds as well as the chrysalis of our somatic holding. What matters is not just what we’re aware of, but what we’re aware as.

Junpo created Mondo Zen Mondozen.org and Doshin has brought more specific shadow work and an Integral perspective into the mix Integralzen.org. For some people the Mondo koans are enough to break free; for others the chrysalis is too tough to dig out of alone.

Bob Johnson
I was lucky to meet Bob Johnson early in my training as a therapist. He’s a former psychiatrist who works with offenders. I quote Wikipedia: “Bob Johnson holds the currently controversial view that mental ill-health is a software, not a hardware problem. He therefore takes great exception to all recent editions of the DSM (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) starting with DSM-III published in 1980, which explicitly rules out stress as a causative factor. With the WHO reporting that suicide now kills more of us globally than heart disease and cancer combined, he advocates a wider perspective – including modernising the Laws of Physics. All non-living systems decay, their disorganisation (entropy) inexorably increases. He argues that since living skin heals itself, where dead skin doesn’t – the chemicals are the same, the physics isn’t – thus if skin can heal, so can minds.” Go Bob. truthtrustconsent.com.

Prison Dialogue
I learned hugely from my experience of co-facilitating Dialogue groups in HMP Whitemoor maximum-security prison, on a voluntary (1996-98) and then employed (1998-99) basis. Based on the work of physicist David Bohm david-bohm.net, these two extraordinary weekly meetings with Cat A and vulnerable prisoners on rule 43, changed me in many ways. The organisation I worked with is still doing what it does so well prisondialogue.org.